text garden & the embodied internet

last watered on February 5, 2024 11:34 PM

plant a seed 🌱

What is the text garden?

The text garden is a space for those to connect through words, under the open-ended prompt of "what do you want to leave behind here?" It's purpose is to create a shared poetic experience through digital art publishing to deepen, build, and reframe the idea of interconnectedness through the internet. The space is made out of community-sourced text seeds that are then planted, tended into the space, & left to grow through communal care (watered frequently).

— What does it mean for us to take up space in a web browser? What does an embodied internet look like? With this intention, think about what you want to leave behind in this community text garden.

Contribute to the garden using the link on the >> right >> here.